Class of 1971-1972

Winfred Farquhar was Superintendent of schools and high school principal was Bert Karrer. Graduation was held on May 25, 1972 at the Marion High School football stadium.


was Leona Scheel (Davenport) and Salutatorian was Nathan Doerr.

The commencement address was given by Genevieve Schwab and Byron Albrecht. The invocation and benediction was given by Rev. James Monroe. The total enrollment on the first day of school was 503 students which was 6 more students than last year. The 7th-12th grade had a total enrollment of 239 students. A kindergarten class was added at the elementary school. The intermediate school consisted of grades 4,5, and 6. The average daily attendance for the school year was 96.98%. Classes were 55 minutes long and there was 5 minutes between classes. Patio privileges were taken away due to abuse of privileges last year. Nathan Doerr and Genevieve Schwab (Moore) were named Mr. and Miss MHS. The FHA Beau was Aubrey Parsons and the FFA Sweetheart was Debbie Schmoekel.

Most Beautiful

and Most Handsome were Debbie Schmoekel and Aubrey Parsons. Shelene White received the MHS Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award for 1972. Karen Pfannstiel was elected Little Sister of the Area VII Young Homemakers of Texas after competing with seven girls from other towns in Area VII.

Editor of the Bulldog’s Bark was Genevieve Schwab. Due to an increase in production costs, the 1972 yearbook went from 96 pages to 78 pages.

The cost of the senior rings was $26.95 for girls and $31.95 for boys. Eleven high school student made the “A” Honor Roll for the 4th Six Weeks. On March 8, 1972 a health career assembly was presented with Spencer Guimarin speaking on the future in health careers. On October 27, 1971 Janet Humphries escorted by Bobby Neuse, was elected Queen of the Zodiac at the Halloween Coronation.

The Prom was held on March 18th beginning with a barbeque dinner served in the cafeteria, followed by a dance at Bexar Hall with music provided by the Cofield Brothers band. The theme of the prom was Love is…

Phil Karrer received the Woody Herzog award.

The band won the Sweepstakes award. Monroe Zuehl Jr. was the Drum Major, Karen Pfannstiel was head twirler, and Pat Norton was the Band Director. Marion was in District 31-A.

The bonfire and pep rally was held on October 14, 1971. The twirlers did a fire baton routine at the pep rally.

Sue Karrer

was the girls track coach. Marion’s first golf team was coached by Tom Thornton. Willie Roy Jenkins was the first football player in the school’s history to receive All District honors in football. “Pride 71” was the motto of the football team. He was also awarded an athletic scholarship to Southwest Texas State University. The Junior High girls basketball team had a 23-1 season record. Evelyn Tschoepe (Albrecht), Cherryl Schulze, Byron Albrecht, and Willie Jenkins were chosen for the All District Basketball team.

The Homecoming game was played on October 15th against Nixon. Five girls competed for the title of Homecoming Queen. Debbie Schmoekel (Parsons) escorted by Byron Albrecht was crowned Homecoming Queen. The FHA sponsored the homecoming dance at the Blue Moon Hall, with music provided by the Cofield Brothers. Admission to the dance was $1.25 each or $2.00 per couple. Editor of the Annual Staff was Yvonne Zwicke (Baumann).

The President of the Band was Nathan Doerr. Receiving letter jackets for band were Mary Mendez, Gloria Rennspies, Leona Wosnig, and Karen Pfannstiel. Pep Squad president was Genevieve Schwab (Moore).

Student Council

president was Nathan Doerr, and Vice President was Yvonne Zwicke (Baumann).

Cheerleaders were Donna Wosnig, Carla Wohlfahrt, Debbie Schmoekel (Parsons), and Cheryl Zipp (Neece). Receiving letter jackets for cheerleading were Carla Wohlfahrt, Donna Wosnig, and Debbie Schmoekel. A Christmas dance was held at the Clemens school building, with music by Reasonable Fax Assembly.

Class colors were yellow and white.

Class favorites

were seniors Donna Wosnig and Bill Lewis, juniors Cynthia Farquhar and Dennis Dreyer, sophomores Cherryl Schulze and Earl Little, and freshman Brenda Rust and Peter Ramirez.

The class motto was “The present is everywhere at once, the child of the past, and the parent of the future”.

The senior class song was “All His Children”.

The class flower was the yellow rose, and the class colors were yellow and white.

The senior class sponsors were Rose Ann Broz and Tom Thornton.

The senior class officers were Genevieve Schwab (Moore) (president), Karen Pfannstiel (vice president), Betty Neuse (secretary), and Donna Wosnig (treasurer).

The One Act Play was titled “Of Poems, Youth, and Spring”. Dennis Dreyer and Cheryl Zipp (Neece) played leading roles in the play. The director-producer of the play was Rose Ann Broz. The District 3-A OAP competition was held on March 28, 1972 at Kenedy High School.

School board

members were Allen Krueger, Vernon Zunker, Roman Pfannstiel, Leroy Albrecht, Kermit Wosnig, and Thelma Wohlfahrt (Zwicke).

Graduates of the class of 1972 were Byron Lee Albrecht, Johnny Ray Deathrage, Nathan Paul Doerr, Gerard Joseph Friesenhahn, James Wayne Gray Jr., Beverly Arlene Gutz, Willie Roy Jenkins, Phillip Louis Karrer, William Walker Lewis, Debra Suzanne Little (Hild), Luz Mary Mendez, Betty Jean Neuse, Aubrey Lee Parsons, Deborah Kay Parsons, Karen Kay Pfannstiel, Evelyn Regina Tschoepe (Albrecht), Linda Helen Reiland, Donnie Kay Reiley, Michael Wayne Reinhard, Gloria Ann Rennspies (Clark), Rocky Dale Rust, Leona May Scheel (Davenport), Donna Ruth Schmoekel, Darlene Schneider (Brown), Nelson Neal Schneider Jr., Barbara Ann Schulze, Genevieve Schwab (Moore), Dale Frances Steffen, Dennis James Weir, Shelene K. White, Carla Jean Wohlfahrt (deceased), Donna Wosnig, Monroe Carl Zuehl Jr., and Yvonne Lorie Zwicke (Baumann).




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