Class of 1965-1966

Superintendent of schools was W.G. Farquhar. High School principal was Bert Karrer and Elementary principal was Norma Krueger. Graduation was held on May 27, 1966.

Valedictorian was Simon Ricarte Balderas and Salutatorian was Janice Mae Pfannstiel. The commencement address was given by Dr. William F. Brown. Rev. Arthur Sander (deceased) gave the Invocation and Benediction.

Teachers were Joe Baker (deceased), Mariann Bielke, Dorys Dickey, Jesse Dickey, Jack Evans, Carolyn Huebinger (deceased), Sue Karrer, Bert Karrer (deceased), Mary Ann Koehler Norma Krueger (deceased), Jean Lyle, Helen Oberkampf (deceased), Joyce Peterson, Neil Scott, Lillian Seay (deceased), Christine Strackbein, Margaret Taylor, Ted Thayer, Harold Tschirhart, and Geraldine Wagner.

Cafeteria personnel were Mrs. E.C. Looff Jr., Mrs. Victor Hermes, and Mrs. Herbert Stahl. Maintenance and Custodian was Delton Cunningham.

The school secretary was Lorraine Schulz (deceased), and the school nurse was Margaret Cushman.

School Board members were Roman Pfannstiel, Randolph Wohlfahrt (deceased), Elton Gerth (deceased), Elizabeth Gray (deceased), Vernon Schwab, Fred Sassman, and R.C. Floyd.
Senior class sponsors were Joe Baker (deceased) and Ted Thayer.

Class song was “Climb Every Mountain”.
Class Favorites: Voted as Mr. and Mrs. MHS were Clyde Schultze and Janice Pfannstiel. Most Handsome and Most Beautiful were also Clyde Schultze and Janice Pfannstiel. Senior class favorites were Roy Gray and Janice Pfannstiel. Best Dressed honors went to Clayton Krebs and Kathy Huebinger. Most Athletic were Betty Penshorn (Kriewald) and Roy Gray.

FFA Sweetheart was Sharon Reinhard and FFA Beau was Roy Gray. A Valentine’s dance was held and Frances Huebinger was chosen Queen of Hearts.

Senior Class Officers were Clyde Schultze, president – Roy Gray, vice=president – Janice Pfannstiel, secretary – Simon Balderas, treasurer- Melvin Boeck, parliamentarian – and Carolyn Haecker, reporter.

National Honor Society president was Carolyn Haecker and the sponsor was Carolyn Huebinger. The editor of the Annual Staff was Carolyn Haecker. Drum Major was Janice Pfannstiel and Band Director was Margaret Taylor.

Cheer leading: Varsity Cheerleaders were Karen Schulz, Elaine Radtke, and Lynette Weir. Officers of the Pep Squad were Marilyn Gray (Moltz), Judy Mayer, Jeanne Wiederstein (Rawe), and Wilma Steffen (Baumann).

President of the Student Council was Simon Balderas.

There were high school and junior high boys and girls basketball teams. There was a boy’s baseball team.

Graduates of the Class of 1966 were Ofilia Acuna, Simon Ricarte Balderas, Melvin James Boeck, Ronnie Davis Cameron (deceased), Micaele Campos, Duane Helmuth Dreyer (deceased), Walter Wille Ervin, Oralia Evelia Garza, William Roy Gray Jr., Carolyn Edna Haecker, Rufus Lee Hudgins, Iamoore D. Jenkins, Carl Dwight Koepp, Lorice McIntyre, Betty Jean Miller, Cecilia Dianne Moore, Robert Eugene Nemec, Alberta Ochoa, Janice, Mae Pfannstiel, Stephen Norman Randow, Reno Wayne Reiley, Clyde Reno Schultze, Sandra Bernice Shepherd, Earnest Taylor, Judy Mae Timmermann-Birkenfeld (deceased), and Leota Maee Vordenbaum.

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